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Spring in the Grove

Spring in the Grove

To deliver our Olive Oil from our grove to your plate is a year long process.

Between July and October the trees are maintained, pruned and other maintenance is carried out on the farm.

By mid November the trees are flowering and pollination occurs.

In January the fruit starts to develop and through February and March the fruit continues to grow and the stone starts to harden.

Around April the oil displaces the water in the fruit and in late May to early June we harvest and then process our olive oil.

So right now it’s Spring in the grove and our trees are full of flowers and little fruit developing. Olive trees produce fruiting stems called 'inflorenscences'. Each inflorescence can contain 10-20 flowers depending on the type or cultivar of olive.

Lots of olives self pollinate or cross pollinate through wind however, bees and other pollinating insects can be seen on the trees.

Each of these little flowers will produce the olive fruit that will become our next seasons Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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Date: September 4, 2023










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