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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

  • Is your Olive Oil ‘cold pressed’?

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil isn't really 'Cold Pressed' anymore. Cold pressing is the old-fashioned way of extracting olive oil. Cold pressed does mean that no heat has been applied when extracting the oil... Yes, this still is the case but we now crush the olives instead of pressing.

  • Can I cook or fry with Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the healthiest oils you can cook with.

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil has naturally, in-built protective compounds that help protect your oil and food during heating. Although some antioxidants are naturally lost during the heating process, a significant amount of the EVOOs antioxidants and powerful health properties remain when heated, even at high temperatures and over long cooking times.

    (Source: Australian Olive Association - scientifically proven). So fry, cook, roast, sauté and bake to your healthy heart's content.

  • Is your Olive Oil organic?

    We are not organically certified however, the groves are run on organic principles. No pesticides, no herbicides, no solvents, no preservatives, no nasty chemicals used on our trees or olives when growing or processing our olive oil. When it is not harvest time, our neighbour’s sheep get to roam the grove, keeping the grass and weeds down.

  • Your Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is a Tuscan Blend? What does that mean? Aren’t you Australian?

    We have many customers ask why we call our olive oil Tuscan Style when it's grown and processed in Western Australia! This is because the olives we grow are predominantly Tuscan varieties. We grow and process Leccino, Frantoio and Coratina olives. Each olive variety chosen for the different characteristics they bring to the oil… flavour, aroma, mouth feel, shelf life. All are then blended to produce our Australian grown but Tuscan Style Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

  • How Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil made?

    The Olives are picked and delivered to the processing shed. It is important that the fruit is processed within 24 hours of picking or the fruit starts to deteriorate and it can impact the flavour and quality of the oil. The whole fruit is then crushed and goes through a malaxer (a large mixing machine). The resulting paste (looks like tapenade) is then put through 2 large centrifuges. The first spins off the liquid (oil and water) from the solids (pits, skin, flesh). The second then separates the oil from the water.

    This means the processing shed is REALLY noisy. It is like having 2 jet engines going the whole time. Ear protection is a must! The end product is just the juice of olives or... Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

  • What Is the difference between Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Olive Oil?

    The way in which the olives are processed determines whether it is Extra Virgin Olive Oil or just Olive Oil. Extra virgin Olive Oil is extracted from the olives mechanically without the use of excessive heat, has not been refined or had any chemicals or solvents added. Extra virgin Olive Oil also possesses no defects so there are very strict chemical tests that it must pass.

    Olive Oil is a lower grade oil than extra virgin. It usually has been processed with heat or solvents. This often means more oil has been extracted from the fruit but at the expense of its health properties and flavour. At Great Southern Groves, we only produce and sell the best kind of oil... Extra Virgin.

  • I am an Olive Oil nerd… What Is the chemical analysis of your EVOO?

    There are a number of chemical tests done on Extra Virgin Olive Oil to determine or prove that it is in fact Extra Virgin. The Free Fatty Acids (%FFA) which is used as an indicator of good grove and processing practices. For the Olive Oil to be labelled as Extra Virgin in Australia, it must have a FFA between 0 and 0.8%. The lower the better. Anything over 0.8% and it can't be classed as Extra Virgin. The peroxide value (PV) which relates to the storage of the oil and shelf life. UV absorbance, the oils state of preservation from oxidisation. Finally, Polyphenols, an indicator of the oils taste and style. An oil will be classified as delicate, medium or robust. Typically an oil over 300 is considered to be Robust.

    Here is our 2022 Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil Chemical Analysis FFA%: 0.3, Peroxide: 6, Polyphenol: 367

  • Can you tell how good an Olive Oil Is by its colour?

    NO... Colour may only indicate the type of oil, not its quality. Early harvest Olive Oils tend to be greener which relates to the presence of chlorophyll. Whereas oils processed later in the season are more golden in colour and have higher levels of a carotene like substance. Did you know that when judging Olive Oil, they actually put the oil in a cobalt blue glass. This is to prevent the colour from influencing the judge’s sensory assessment.

  • My Extra Virgin Olive Oil tastes like it has some pepper in it? Do you add pepper to your oil?

    No, it is just the natural flavour of a fresh, medium/robust, Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The flavour of olive oil depends on the variety of olives, the ripeness of the olives and even the region where the olives have been grown. At Great Southern Groves, we like to harvest our olives when there is a nice mix of green and riper or purple olives. Too green and the oil can be very strong, bitter and really peppery. Too ripe and the oil lacks the flavour.

  • Did you know that Olive Oil has many different flavours?

    Fresh cut grass, green tomato, cinnamon, melon, apple, green tea! Our Tuscan Style Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been described as having a fresh fruity aroma, herbaceous taste with a mild peppery aftertaste. Fresh and flavoursome, how good olive oil should be.

  • Is Olive Oil really that healthy? Isn’t it a fat?

    Yes, a fat can be good for you. Extra Virgin Olive Oil naturally contains the “good” monounsaturated fats. EVOO is a main ingredient in the Mediterranean Diet which has been studies for many years and in many different ways.

    A study carried out in the 50s found that those eating a Mediterranean Diet for over 30 years, compared with other diets, was associated with lower rates of conditions like cardiovascular disease. More recent studies have also found Extra Virgin Olive Oil, as part of the Mediterranean Diet, can lower blood pressure, improve your cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease, improving insulin sensitivity, lowers the risk of stroke and dementia… and many many more health benefits!

  • Does light Olive Oil mean It Is light in calories?

    Light Olive Oil refers to its taste. Often imported Olive Oils are referred to as "light" or "pure" and this often means they have undergone some sort of refinement. Any refining removes the flavour, aroma and any goodness like the antioxidants out of the oil. Light Olive Oil contains the same amount of calories as Extra Virgin Olive Oil. So check the label and always choose an Extra Virgin Olive Oil that contains all the healthy elements and the good fats required in a balanced and healthy Mediterranean diet

  • Is Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil better than Italian, Spanish or Greek Oils?

    We wouldn’t like to say one that a particular olive oil is better than another. These countries certainly produce some of the world’s finest. However, what we will say is that by purchasing Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil your bottle hasn’t travelled halfway around the world, in a hot shipping container. It’s from just down the road. Great Southern Groves is a wholly, Australian owned and operated business, run by two families passionate about quality Australian produce. We do everything ourselves, from growing, harvesting, processing and bottling. Because we control every part of the process, you can be assured you are receiving the highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. By purchasing local olive oil, you are not only supporting a local business, your food also has lower food miles, better for the planet too!

  • Is the Great Southern Groves Extra Virgin Olive Oil I buy online or at the shops the same as the oil the chefs purchase?

    Yes! We don’t keep the “good” or “premium” Extra Virgin Olive Oil or table olives for our chefs or hospitality customers. We fill our retail bottles, tins, boxes and jars from the same storage tanks/vats. So, when you purchase olive oil or table olives to use at home or on the BBQ, it is the same used by some of the best chefs in Australia!

  • Can I use Extra Virgin Olive Oil for baking?

    Butter to Extra Virgin Olive Oil Conversion Chart! Make the swap from butter to Extra Virgin Olive Oil - your heart will love you for it! By swapping, you are not only using a healthier, unsaturated fat BUT, you will also use less. Better for your heart and better for your waistline. Yes - you can use Extra Virgin Olive Oil in your sweet baking too. Also, perfect if you are lactose intolerant or vegan. Click here to go to our Butter to Extra Virgin Olive Oil Conversion Chart.

  • Is Olive Oil Gluten Free?

    Yes! Only the juice of olives, unfiltered, Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil… nothing else added. No gluten here!

  • You can use Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a beauty treatment!!

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not just for the kitchen! There are two key components in Extra Virgin Olive Oil that makes it especially good for your skin too.

    Squalene - moisturises the skin and improves the look of your skins texture. This is something we produce ourselves but declines with age - especially over 30. Oleocanthal - in the lab, this compound has been shown to inhibit the growth of human skin cancer cells. So, apply EVOO to your skin after exposure to the sun. This compound is also anti-inflammatory, perfect for treating inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. So next time you are in the kitchen - don't just pour some oil in your pan or on your salad. Pour some in your hands... rub it all over!!

  • Table Olives and Pistachio Dukkah

  • Do your table olives contain anything artificial?

    Great Southern Groves table olives are cured naturally in brine. They include a seasonal blend of Leccino, Kalamata, Manzanillo and Spanish Queen olives. We don’t use any artificial preservatives, artificial colours or artificial stabilisers. Just delicious local olives!

  • Are your table olives organic?

    We are not organically certified but the groves are run on organic principals. No nasty chemicals are used on our trees or olives.

  • My Olives are a little salty? What can I do?

    Our Western Australian table olives are cured only in brine (salty water). If you eat the olives straight from the jar they can be a little salty... some people like them that way. We suggest you just give them a quick rinse before eating. We especially love olives warmed a little in the oven or frypan and drizzled with a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil. You can also add your own marinade or flavours such as herbs, lemon rind or chilli.

  • Are your table olives Gluten Free?

    Yes! Only Olives, water and salt. No gluten here.

  • Is your Pistachio Dukkah Gluten Free?

    Yes! We don’t use any cheap fillers in our Pistachio Dukkah. Only pistachios, sesame, ground cumin, ground coriander and salt.

  • Storage

  • How long does your Olive Oil last?

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a fruit juice! As olives grow on trees, they are classified as a fruit. So technically the liquid you squeeze out of them is a juice.

    Unlike other fruit juices, olive oil is shelf stable and doesn't need to be kept in the fridge. However, like most fruit juices, it doesn't improve with age. Although the Best Before date on our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is 2 years from harvest date, the closer you consume it to pressing, the healthier it is for you.

  • How long do your table olives last?

    Table Olives cured in brine are shelf stable and have a best before on the jar or the bucket of around 18 months from packaging. Once you open your jar/bucket, place it in the fridge and consume within 3 weeks.

  • What Is the best way to store my Olive Oil to keep it fresh?

    Oxygen, heat and light are all enemies of Olive Oil. To keep your oil fresh....

    Keep the lid on tight.

    Keep it away from any sources of heat.

    Keep it in the dark.

    This especially relates to olive oil you purchase in bulk such as a 3L tin and 15L box. Decant into your gorgeous bottle on the kitchen bench and then pop it back into the cupboard in the dark.

  • My olive oil looks cloudy or has sediment at the bottom of the tin/bottle

    We don’t filter our olive oil like lots of larger, commercial operations that really want the clear oil. We think filtering takes away lots of the flavour and health properties within the oil. Unfiltered oil can occasionally have sediment collect at the bottom once the bottle or tin sits for a few weeks/months. There is nothing wrong with the oil, but if you don’t like the look of it, or don’t want to use it, you can filter this last bit of oil through a fine tea strainer or muslin cloth.

  • My Olive Oil has gone solid. What does that mean?

    If you live in a cold location or you keep your olive oil in the fridge (if you make a dressing or marinade), some varieties within our olive oil blend can solidify. This is due to some of the naturally occurring waxes in the olive fruit. These solid particles will “melt” when the oil comes back to room temperature or is heated.

  • I want to make garlic or chili oil at home, how long will it keep?

    If you make your own flavoured olive oil at home, please make sure you are storing it the correct way. If you don't, you could make yourself very sick.

    Olive oil can be stored safely in the cupboard or on the bench at room temperature however, add any fresh herbs, garlic, chilli or lemon to your oil and you are introducing water. This may create an environment where Botulism bacteria can grow. Botulism is a rare but very serious type of food poisoning that can lead to paralysis, breathing difficulties and even death. Either store your fresh flavoured oil or dressings, in the fridge for up to a week or alternatively flavour with dried herbs (no moisture at all) and store in the cupboard. Get creative and flavour your oil, enjoy it on your salads, roast veggies or smashed avo but, make sure you flavour or store it the safe way.

  • Sustainability

  • Why It Is better to buy in bulk?

    Buying a 15L Box or 3L tin and refilling a bottle not only reduces landfill by reducing packaging, it also reduces your carbon footprint. Less transport of packaging to and from the grove. Less trips to the shops to buy your olive oil as well. Small things all add up to protect our environment.... plus buying in bulk saves you $$.

  • Have you thought about starting a buying cooperative with your friends, family or neighbours?

    Buy in bulk as a group (doesn’t have to be just olive oil), share the savings and reduce your impact on the environment.

  • Wash your refillable bottle regularly

    Washing your bottle means you are not adding fresh olive oil to old olive oil. Keeping your oil tasty and lasting longer. We suggest washing your refillable bottle every 3-4 months. Wash your bottle with hot soapy water and make sure your bottle is completely dry before refilling.

  • How Is your packaging sustainable or environmentally friendly?

    We are working hard as a business to become more sustainable and assist our customers in reducing the use of excessive packaging and plastics in their kitchens. We encourage our customer to purchase a gorgeous, refillable bottle and then purchase olive oil in bulk.

    Our 15L Bag in the Box has a fully recyclable cardboard outer and the bladder/bag creates little landfill compared to our old 20L plastic drums.

    Our Pistachio Dukkah also comes in a special “Roll n Wrap” packaging. Once the pouch is empty, you roll up and affix the sticker on the back of the pack. This pouch can then be added to your home, kerbside recycling bin.

  • Shipping

  • What are your shipping costs?

    We ship our products throughout Australia using Australia Post or Sendle. All orders incur a $15 flat shipping fee. Free shipping on all orders over $55. Please sign up to our mailing list as our loyal customers often receive offers for free shipping.

  • I purchased from your online store. When will my parcel arrive?

    We pack and send all goods within 2 business days of receiving your order. Parcel arrival time will then depend on the carrier and where the parcel is being sent. Metro areas is usually within 1-5 days, regional and remote can take up to 2 weeks.

  • Does your shipping include tracking?

    Yes. You will be sent tracking details when your parcel is sent. You can request at the checkout stage if you are happy for your parcel to be left or you would prefer to collect from the Post Office. If there are any issues with delivery, please let us know or contact the company tracking your parcel.

  • Do you ship overseas?

    At this stage no. We do have stockists in Singapore and Dubai if you would like to purchase our products there. Click here to find our stockists list.

  • Can I get Express Shipping?

    No. Unfortunately due to the weight of our products, we are unable to send our olive oil via Express Post.

  • Can you send my parcel as a gift?

    Yes, most definitely. Please put the gift recipients address in the delivery address. Then, add a note that you would like to accompany the gift. We love sending our produce as gifts.

  • PRIMA Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

  • What Is PRIMA Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

    PRIMA Extra Virgin Olive Oil is some of our first pressed olives of each season. Picked, pressed and poured straight into the bottle. No filtering or time to settle. Raw and unadulterated. PRIMA is a monovarietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We pick only leccino olives for this oil which means it is fresh, fruity, a little peppery and often a vibrant green in colour.

  • Can I purchase PRIMA EVOO from you now?

    If they are listed for sale in our online store they are still available. If it says unavailable, then unfortunately, you will have to wait for the following year. Our regular, Tuscan Style, Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil still tastes delicious though and is used by 100s of chefs in their kitchens!

  • When will PRIMA next be available?

    This changes every year as our olives ripen according to the season. It is usually the 1st or 2nd week of May. Join our mailing list to receive updates and be the first to hear when presales are available.

  • What would I use PRIMA Extra Virgin Olive Oil for?

    You could use it like you use any Extra Virgin Olive Oil but we think is the perfect finishing oil... Use on soups, salads, smashed avo.... it also makes the most amazing pesto!

  • Can I go on the wait list for next year’s release?

    Most definitely. Join our mailing list or follow us on Instagram/Facebook to make sure you don’t miss out… they go on presale each year about a month before release.

  • Where can I buy your products?

  • I absolutely love olive oil and local produce, where can I purchase your products?

    Please click here to see a full list of our stockists. If you can’t visit one of these, please visit our online store. We have great postage rates to get our products to all corners of Australia.

  • I am a chef/restaurant and would like to use your products, who do I contact?

    We supply to the hospitality industry throughout Perth and Western Australia. Please send us your details through our contact form here. We will email or call you asap with details of our produce and service.

  • I am a gourmet grocer/hamper company and would like to sell your products, who do I contact?

    We supply to gourmet grocers and hamper companies Australia wide. Please send us your details through our contact form here. We will email or call you asap with details of our produce and delivery.

  • Can I purchase your products as corporate gifts?

    Are you looking for corporate gifts such as;

    Employee Reward/Sales Incentive

    Corporate Christmas Gifts – client and/or employee

    Settlement Gifts

    Company Promotion – to accompany corporate items

    Employee/Client Birthday

    We have a lovely range of products as either a stand-alone gift with gift box or smaller items to sit in a hamper.

    Please send us your details through our contact form here. We will email or call you asap with details of our produce and delivery.

  • Do you have a cellar door? Can we visit the grove?

    No. We don’t have a cellar door at our grove. Instead, we offer lots of tastings are our stockists in Perth. If you would like to try our produce, please keep an eye on our social media for dates and times.

  • Can I try your olive oil, olives or dukkah before I buy?

    We have over 200 chefs/ restaurants as customers… we think these are a pretty good endorsements for the taste and quality of our products. If you still want to try before you by, we offer regular tastings at our stockists in Perth. Please keep an eye on our social media for dates and times.

  • I can’t find your products at my local shop

    Can’t find a stockist near you… send us a message and we will approach them. Better still, send them a message that you would like to see our products on their shelves.










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