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Two families with a love of the land and good food

Western Australia Great Southern Groves

Great Southern Groves Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced in picturesque Great Southern region of Western Australia, 360km south of Perth. Our Tuscan varieties of olives produce a lovely fruity, aromatic olive oil with a light peppery aftertaste.

Our table olives are hand picked from groves in Albany and Mt Barker. Our mixed olives are a delicious blend of olives cured just in brine including Manzanillo, Leccino, Kalamata and Spanish Queen.

We grow, process, store, package and deliver our olive oil and olives so you can be assured of it origin and quality.

How it works?

How it works?How olive oil is processed?

‘Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is best described as the natural fruit juice of fresh olives. EVOO is the purest of olive oils as it has undergone the simplest of processing techniques. These techniques require no chemicals and enable the oil to retain its nutritious values.

Once harvested, olives must be processed within 24 hours. After being thoroughly washed, they are crushed, mixed and using minimal heat (which helps the vegetable matter release more oil), the oil is then extracted via a mechanical process. No chemicals or solvents are added, unlike other edible oils. This is called ‘Cold Pressed’ however, this term is now outdated as the olives are now crushed and then extracted using centrifuges.

We have our own harvesting machinery and processing plant ensuring the olives are always processed within the required 24 hour time frame (ours go straight from the tree to the mill within a few hours). All of our processing follows Australian standards for food processing.

Our oil is stored in spotless, stainless steel tanks with the oxygen reserve replaced with nitrogen to prevent oxidization. We then bottle our oil on an as needs basis. This ensures our customers get the freshest, tastiest and healthiest olive oil possible. We then deliver direct from the grove to Perth and the South West.

The tale of two families.

The tale of two families.Both with the love of the land and good food

Great Southern Groves is family owned and operated with more than 7 generations of farming history in the Great Southern region of Western Australia.










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