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Art Series Bottles

Art Series Bottles

In 2021 we had some terrible news, our lovely decorative bottles with the handle was no longer available. This got us thinking about a new bottle that our customers would love to keep on their kitchen benches and refill.

Taking some inspiration from local wineries and gin distilleries… we decided to make an "ART SERIES" bottle.

Now to choose an artist.

This was easy but, would she want to? That was the question?

Having been an admirer of local, Western Australian artist Emma Blyth’s artwork for many years… we asked her if she would create a piece to be featured on our new bottles. She said YES!

Emma is an amazing artist with a love of bright colours and bold brush strokes. Her paintings feature the vast landscapes of WA. From the Kimberley and outback to the coast and South West forests. One constant in most of Emma's paintings is her love of birds… from large brolgas to small finches and cheeky sulfur crested cockatoos.

This is our commissioned piece "Silvereye in the Grove".

This cheeky little bird can be found throughout the South West and Great Southern parts of WA. They often form noisy little groups and flit from tree to tree. Their olive and silver plumage camouflages them well in our grove but their cheeky little 'pseeeps' can be heard all around.

Emma’s painting was then converted into a digital, graphic file but our Graphic Designer Ash from Greenhouse Studios. This has then been glass printed onto our new decorative bottles. These have been so popular that we have sold out and reprinted twice. We will have more available in early 2024.

Emma will also be working on a new piece for us in 2024 to add to our Art Series… watch this space.

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Date: September 4, 2023










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