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Are you storing your olive oil correctly?

Are you storing your olive oil correctly?

Did you know that Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a fruit juice! As olives grow on trees, they are classified as a fruit. So technically the liquid you squeeze out of them is a juice.

Unlike other fruit juices, olive oil is shelf stable and doesn't need to be kept in the fridge. However, like most fruit juices, it doesn't improve with age. The Best Before date on our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is 2 years from harvest date, the closer you consume it to pressing, the healthier it is for you.

Oxygen, heat and light are the three main enemies of olive oil. So, to combat these…

Keep the lid on tight.

Keep it away from any sources of heat.

Keep it in the dark.

What about keeping a bottle on the kitchen bench? Two things to consider are the type of bottle and where you keep it. 

A thick, dark glass or ceramic, 500ml bottle or smaller is perfect for keeping your oil fresh.  Our decorative bottles are designed for this purpose. We chose them as they have particularly thick and dark glass, serving as a protection for the olive oil. If you are keeping the bottle on your kitchen bench, the location is also important.  Near the stove is handy however, the heat can cause your olive oil to deteriorate quickly both in flavour and nutritional value.  You can certainly store the bottle stove-side, just be aware of the length of time it takes you to empty the bottle. If you use only a small amount over a week, then consider only filling the bottle each week to the amount you use. Also remember to wash out your bottle each time you purchase a new 3L tin or every two to three months.

Buying olive oil in bulk like the 3L tin and 15L box? Decant the oil into your gorgeous bottle on the kitchen bench and then pop the bulk container back into the cupboard, in the dark. Please make sure the lid is replaced tightly back on your tin.  Ideally you want to use the olive oil in your 3L tin within 6 months of opening. As for our new 15L Bag in Box… these are perfect for storing large quantities of olive oil for longer periods of time as they eliminate light and oxygen exposure.

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